Public Access

The information is being digitised and indexed on this website to make it more widely available to the public for research.

However, if you are a bona fide researcher and would like access to the original information, the Royal Aero Club Collection is available for viewing in the Reading Room run by the Archive and Library of the Royal Air Force Museum, Grahame Park Way, Hendon, London NW9 5LL.

The Reading Room is open for research by appointment. Click here for the Reading Room Opening Hours. Researchers wishing to view material should make an appointment by telephone (020 8358 4873) or e-mail in advance of their proposed visit.

Programme of Loans to Exhibitions

The Royal Aero Club Trust is able to make some of the items in the Collection available on loan to organisers of exhibitions in the United Kingdom. Applications will be subject to an assessment of the aims and intentions of the exhibition, and the resulting public benefit. The borrowing institution will need to satisfy the Loan Conditions set by the Trust.