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London-Manchester-London Air Race
On 20 June 1914, Walter Brock completed the second leg of his remarkable hat-trick of successes, when he won the London – Manchester – London Air Race, flying again in Claude Grahame-White’s Morane-Saulnier monoplane. These photographs of the race are from a set of images in the RAeC Collection. They can be browsed in the Photographs section of this web-site. High-resolution images of these and other items in the Collection are available, subject to terms and conditions. L A Strange (below right) had been the first to arrive in Manchester, but had smashed his propeller and a chassis strut on starting the homeward journey – leaving the race open for Brock to win easily. It is interesting that Brock nearly did not compete at all in the UK in 1914. He had gone back to the US in the April, to explore opportunities there, but found that “things aviatic didn’t look particularly rosy on the other side” (Flight magazine 20 May) and returned to the UK unexpectedly early. His participation in the Aerial Derby, and then in this race, must have been facilitated by Grahame-White at fairly short notice.