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Folland's Forgotten Monoplanes (Part 1)
Issue number 9 of “The Aviation Historian” was published today. More information about this modern journal of classic aeroplanes and the history of flying can be found at Photographs from the Royal Aero Club (RAeC) Collection were used to illustrate the feature article on page 70. Henry Folland (above) is often considered the ultimate biplane designer, resistant to exploring monoplane designs. But was he? Using newly-discovered material from the Royal Aero Trust archives, Ralph Pegram takes a detailed look at Folland’s little-known civil monoplane designs of the 1930’s and re-evaluates his reputation as a biplane specialist. The author’s three-dimensional rendering (below) of Folland’s 14-seat amphibian design is based on previously unpublished drawings from the RAeC Collection.