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Royal Aero Club - 114th Birthday
On this day in 1901 the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom (RAeC), the national co-ordinating body for air sport, was formed. The honour of the Royal title was granted on 15 February 1910 (below left). Prior to 1950, various dates had been used to mark the formation of the Club. However, in 1950, the official date of 15 February 1901 was adopted. The emblem of the RAeC is a winged caduceus surmounted by a crown. The caduceus (a Latin adaptation of a Greek word) was a herald’s staff. The Chairman’s badge of office (above) is a modern interpretation of the original emblem (below right). These and other milestones in the history of the RAeC – including a legible version of the 1910 Minute (below left) - can be researched through the official Minute Books, accessible and searchable through this web-site.