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First World War in the Air
The compelling story of the First World War in the Air opens today in a new exhibition in the Claude Grahame-White hangar at the RAF Museum, Hendon. The exhibition, which was officially opened by the Museum’s Royal Patron, the Duke of Edinburgh, will run until 31 December 2020. Personal artefacts are displayed alongside First World War aircraft, bringing inspiring stories to life and ensuring that the bravery and sacrifice of these aviation pioneers will never be forgotten. The exhibition tells the story of the evolution of air power, starting with the early days of flight - including such milestones as Blériot’s cross-Channel flight, and the first flight from London to Manchester. The Trustees of the Royal Aero Club Trust are pleased to support the RAF Museum’s centenary commemoration by lending items from its Collection to the exhibition. The propeller from Blériot’s cross-Channel monoplane is shown (below left), together with the Rose Bowl presented to Claude Grahame-White (below right), following the London to Manchester Race – won by Louis Paulhan.