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Connie Leathart (1903-1993)
Connie – Constance Ruth - Leathart flew Spitfires in the Second World War and was one of the first women with a pilot's licence, but her remarkable story had largely been forgotten – until now. Connie was awarded her Aviator’s Certificate (pilot’s licence) by the Royal Aero Club on 15 March 1927. 14 years had passed since the first woman pilot, Hilda Hewitt, but Connie was only the 12th woman to qualify for an RAeC certificate. A documentary about her life is now due to go out this month on BBC One: next Monday (12 October) at 7:30 pm on “Inside Out” (North East and Cumbria). For viewers in the BBC London region, the date is 26 October; the date for BBC South viewers has yet to be announced. The programme will be available on BBC iPlayer as well. Her story is also featured on the BBC News Magazine website at The Trust was pleased to make available from its Collection images of Connie (below) for the documentary. High-resolution images of these and other items in the Collection are available, subject to terms and conditions.