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RAeS Launches New Website
The Royal Aeronautical Society has just launched a new website where it is possible to view online the original papers of a number of the major pioneers in early aviation, whose work led to the evolution of powered flight and the development of the aeroplane. Included among the collections are Sir George Cayley’s Notebooks, Henson’s 1842-43 Aerial Steam Carriage drawings, Lawrence Hargrave photograph albums, Percy Pilcher drawings, Horace Short’s Notebook (below left), the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company Ltd. Minute Book No.1 1910-1919, and the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain Council Minutes from its formation in 1866 through to 1909. Horace Short (1872-1917) was one of the key figures (below right) in the early British aviation industry. He was the first person to make detailed sketches and plans of the Wright Flyer. With his two brothers, he went on to design and build some of the first British aircraft, including some of the key aircraft used by the Royal Navy during the First World War.