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Cyril R Bertram (1892-1916)
This is the sixth – and final, for the time being - in an occasional series to commemorate the centenary of the deaths of a number of World War I pilots whose pictures are missing from the Royal Aero Club’s records. Cyril Robertson Bertram was born on 25 April 1892 in Johannesberg, South Africa. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in the RFC and qualified as a pilot at the Military School, Shoreham on 4 July 1915. On 18 June 1916 – 100 years ago today – he was killed in a flying accident while serving with 26 Squadron in East Africa. His Observer, Flight Sergeant E M Hutchings, was also killed. (Note that the date and place shown on the RAeC Index Card (above) appears to be incorrect. There are many such instances in the RAeC records, and the date shown may, in fact, be the date when his death was notified and recorded on the Index Card.) Can you help track down Bertram’s photograph? Family photographs? Squadron records? Local newspaper reports? Any help you can offer will be very gratefully received. If you can provide a copy of his photograph, or if you have any ideas about where may be a good place to look, please “Contact Us” through this web-site, with “The RAeC Collection – albums, archives” in the Subject line of your Email.