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S F Cody (1867-1913)
Today marks the centenary of the death of Samuel Franklin Cody (6 March 1867 – 7 August 1913). This flamboyant early aviation pioneer was test-flying a new type of aircraft – designed for the Daily Mail Hydro-aeroplane Race round Great Britain – when it crashed, killing Cody and his passenger, County cricketer W H B Evans. The Royal Aero Club had recently established its Accidents Investigation Committee, which found that the failure of the aircraft was due to inherent structural weakness. Among Cody’s many achievements, in 1912 the Royal Aero Club was pleased to award him its Gold Medal for meritorious service, for winning the Military Aeroplane Competition with the Cody V machine. The plans below show an earlier version of the British Army Aeroplane, fitted (unsuccessfully) with two engines. Larger images of these plans, together with further photographs of Cody, are available in the Photographs section of this web-site.