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Short Brothers' Blue Plaque
Britain’s first aircraft manufacturers – Horace, Eustace, and Oswald Short – have been commemorated with an English Heritage Blue Plaque at their former workshop in the railway arches by Queen’s Circus, Battersea. The plaque was unveiled today by Jenny Body OBE, the first female President of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Interestingly, there are already a dozen Blue Plaques in London that celebrate aviators and flying, including Hon. C S Rolls and Sir Thomas Sopwith. See for more information. The Aero Club (below right), later the Royal Aero Club (RAeC), and the Short Brothers share a common aviation heritage in ballooning, in the days before powered flight. There are a number of historic ballooning photographs in the RAeC Collection, including the one below (left) by the railway arches.