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RAeC Collection "Showcase" (4)
The fourth Showcase album is the personal autograph book of Gordon George Pryce (1901 – 1944), whose name and address are included on the final page of the album (above). Gordon’s father was Walter John Dakins Pryce, a career soldier in the British Army, who in 1912 was appointed the first Quartermaster of the Military Wing of the newly-formed Royal Flying Corps. Walter was awarded his Aeronaut’s (Balloonist) Certificate #134 by the Royal Aero Club in 1917. Walter’s appointment at Farnborough would have provided an ideal opportunity for Gordon, as a young teenager, to complete his autograph album during 1914-15. The Showcase album includes a Table of Contents. Among the autographs, there are two (below) for William Barnard Rhodes-Moorhouse, VC (1887 – 1915).