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RAeC Collection "Showcase" (5)
The [Royal] Aero Club was founded in 1901 by three wealthy motorists, Frank Hedges Butler, his daughter Vera, and the Hon. Charles Rolls. At the time, the Aero Club was closely allied with the [Royal] Automobile Club. In 1900, for example, both Hedges Butler and Rolls had participated in the One Thousand Mile Trial from London to Edinburgh and back, organised by the Automobile Club, who presented prizes and medals (above) for the historic event. The fifth Showcase album from the RAeC Collection is a series of captioned photographs of the Trial, from start at Hyde Park (below left), with breakfast at Calcot (below right), to finish. The RAC, in partnership with the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation, is to re-create the Trial, in July 2014.