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Nile Flight Centenary Commemoration
3 January (last Friday) marked the centenary of the start of Frank (later Sir Francis) McClean’s historic seaplane journey up the Nile from Alexandria to Khartoum. Thanks to a considerable team effort, the story has been picked up by the BBC, with a 5-minute piece on Radio 4 yesterday morning, and a permanent supporting story on the BBC News Magazine web-site. You can listen to the radio broadcast by downloading the podcast from The item is part of “FOOC (From Our Own Correspondent) 04 Jan 2014: Somalis on Ice”. The McClean story starts about 17 minutes into the broadcast, and lasts for about five minutes. To read the story on the web – illustrated with some of the Trust’s photographs – go to There is a link to this web-site at the end of the story. The Royal Aero Club Collection includes an album of nearly 400 photographs that illustrate the Nile flight - now showcased on this web-site. Trust volunteers have compiled an accompanying descriptive record, based on contemporary accounts of the journey. For further information, you can Contact Us through this web-site, selecting as Subject: “The RAeC Collection – albums, archives” or “Press and Publicity”, as appropriate.