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Col. Alec Ogilvie CBE FRAeS (1882-1962)
Issue number 6 of “The Aviation Historian” was published today. More information about this modern journal of classic aeroplanes and the history of flying can be found at It is fitting that – as we commemorate the centenary of Frank (later Sir Francis) McClean’s flight up the River Nile – this issue of the journal includes the memoirs of McClean’s co-pilot, Alec Ogilvie, from the previously unpublished manuscript of Echoes from Dawn Skies by Frederick Warren Merriam. Photographs from the RAeC Collection were used to illustrate the feature article. From left to right (above) are McClean, mechanic Gus Smith, and Alec Ogilvie with the S.80 Nile Seaplane at Merowe in the Sudan.