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An Unnoticed British Triumph
One hundred years’ ago, Britain’s first international victory with a British ‘plane received scant recognition for success in the second annual race for the Coupe d’Aviation Maritime Jacques Schneider, or Schneider Trophy, The race took place on 20 April 1914 over a 280 km course in Monaco (below left). Howard Pixton flew a specially-adapted Sopwith Tabloid (below right), supported by a small team led by Victor Mahl. In the above photograph – from the Royal Aero Club Collection – Pixton (in flying helmet) chats to Jacques Schneider, while Mahl (sleeves and trouser-legs rolled up) stands proudly by the Tabloid seaplane. The Schneider Trophy was taken back to Britain and displayed at the Royal Aero Club, who would be the hosts for the next contest. However, the outbreak of war meant that it would be five long years before Britain could defend the Trophy.