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William Newell - parachutist
On 9 May 1914 – 100 years ago today – William Newell made the first parachute descent from an aeroplane in the UK. He was taken up on the Grahame-White “Charabanc” at Hendon, piloted by Reginald Carr and with two other airmen – F W Goodden and R J Lillywhite – as passengers. Newell took his seat on the lower skid, just in front of one of the landing wheels. His parachute was the “Guardian Angel” type that had been invented by Everard Calthrop. These and other photographs of the event, from the Royal Aero Club Collection, can be seen on this web-site at Photographs > Pioneers > View > William Newell - parachutist. Newell met his death on 24 October 1922 when a parachute descent in Denmark went disastrously wrong.